Temperature Controlled
Freight Specialists

We are your greenhouse on wheels

From warm to cool, we’ve got the spectrum of temperature controlled shipping down pat. Shipments requiring a warm environment to travel safely often require delicate handling and specialized packaging – SM FREIGHT can work with you to ensure your freight gets to its destination in perfect health.

Heated transportation
Dry goods transport

A fleet of dry vans for your dry goods

We place as much emphasis on attention to detail and proper handling in the shipment of your dry goods as we do when we’re shipping your more delicate items, like pharmaceuticals or fresh produce. No matter the nature of the shipment, it’s origin or its destination… our goal is to make sure it’s delivered safely and efficiently.

We aren't afraid to get fresh!

What’s a grocery store without a vibrant, fresh produce section? Pretty disappointing!

Growers, distributors and retailers trust SM FREIGHT to deliver their fresh produce, plants and other perishables to an exact time window. Our food grade equipment is always current and in excellent condition to ensure that produce shipped from all over the world arrives looking and tasting its absolute best.

Fresh food transportation
Refrigerated shipping

Temperature-controlled transportation that won't brrreak the bank

Fresh produce isn’t the only thing that requires chillier shipping conditions to arrive in an optimal state… dairy and other foodstuffs are part of our transport repertoire as well! As a family-run company, we understand that health and safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to your food. You trust your grocers to provide you with perishables kept to the highest standards. Your grocers trust SM FREIGHT to deliver!

Call SM FREIGHT when you need a 53' freezer

Shipping frozen freight requires superior equipment performance and reliability. Improper handling, storing and transport of frozen goods can lead to disaster – that’s why our team and our equipment is always working to the highest standard to ensure your shipment of frozen goods arrives nice and frosty.

Frozen food shipping
Pharmaceutical transportation

SM FREIGHT has a PhD in pharmaceutical shipments

SM FREIGHT works side by side with the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors to ensure careful handling and a secure environment for the shipment of pharmaceuticals. We stay up to date with all the latest policies in transporting pharmaceutical products safely, quickly and reliably.