Refrigerated shipping

Temperature-controlled transportation that won't brrreak the bank

Fresh produce isn’t the only thing that requires lower temperature shipping conditions to arrive in an optimal state… dairy and other foodstuffs are part of our refrigerated transport repertoire as well! We understand that health and safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to your food. You can trust your grocers to provide you with safe product and your grocers trust SM FREIGHT to deliver!

Our Drivers cross borders and truck your freight coast to coast each and every day to ensure that your perishable food items make it to their destination unharmed and unspoiled. SM FREIGHT continues to grow with our customers to accommodate their changing needs and the needs of the industry. We maintain a top-of-the-line fleet and make use of all the latest in green technology (to sustain competitive pricing) and refrigerated innovation (to ensure your cold shipments stay cold).